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The Tucson L5 Space Society was founded in 1981. Many of our members were also founding members of the L5 Society. David Brandt-Erichsen has written a short history of the founding of the original L5 Society and its subsequent merger with the National Space Institute to form the National Space Society.

What is this L5?


Membership in the Tucson L5 Space Society is open to all. Members need only share an interest in the development of a space-faring civilization. As an organization we follow no ideological, social, or religious creed. We welcome all ideas that may lead to the achievement of our objectives.

Members meet every second Saturday of the month for a pot luck. Elections are held in November before the regular meeting.

If you wish to join the Tucson L5 Space Society or for more information, contact our President, Al Anzaldua

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The Tucson Space Society was honored to participate in the Pima Air and Space Museum's 30th Anniversary Celebration. It was also the day that NASA awarded former astronaut Frank Borman with the Ambassador of Exploration Award. Look at our photo album for that wonderful day.

We occasionally organize educational events for the general public. For example, in October 2005 we invited Dr. Alan Binder to give a talk on the Lunar Prospector Mission and our current knowledge of the Moon. Dr. Alan Binder is Director of the Lunar Research Institute and Principal investigator for the Lunar Prospector spacecraft.

You can find more information about this event and the Lunar Prospector mission here

To be informed of future public events, please contact us at

Member Dick Fredericksen, a long-time space activist, is a man of many talents. Visit his homepage. Do not miss his online publication: A Word In Edgewise - Issues of the Day and Grand Visions of the Future. Check out his paper on "Social Security as a Source of Space Funding." Dick also wrote an interesting review of Greg Klerkx's book: Lost in Space: The Fall of NASA and the Dream of a New Space Age. It is more than a review, it is a commentary on the current state of space activism and the opening of space frontier.

Member C. Douglas Lee designed our Tucson L5 Space Society logo (see top of page). If you are an aircraft modeler or if you are interested in radio controlled model aircrafts, Mr. Lee's website is a must see: !

Member David Brandt-Erichsen is webmaster of the NSS Space Settlement Nexus. The Space Settlement Nexus contains over 8,000 pages of reference materials on space settlements (CHECK IT OUT!!).
David also created the L5 News website. L5 News, the publication of the L5 Society, was published from September 1975 until April 1987. The site contains the full text of all L5 News issues published in the 1970s and selected articles from the 1980s. The site is also a great source of information and illustrations on space colonies: the Stanford Torus, the Bernal Sphere and the O'Neill Cylinders. David is portrayed as an L5 space colonist in this original painting by Mark Maxwell.
David Brandt-Erichsen also contributes book reviews:
- review of William K. Hartmann's A Traveler's Guide to Mars: The Mysterious Landscapes of the Red Planet, a masterfull introduction to the planet Mars.
- review of G. Harry Stine's book "Halfway to Anywhere: Achieving America's Destiny in Space", a study of reusable single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) vehicles and their potential to greatly reduce the cost of getting to space.

Joy L. Holdread is a clay artist working in stoneware and porcelain. Her works are influenced by geology, fossil records and reptiles. Ranging from sculptural wall hanging tiles, boxes, mirrors, other non functional objects to functional mugs and kitchen ware Holdread's clay objects reflect her love of the desert. She is also the instructor of "That's Art Biz", a business workshop for visual artists. Please visit her site.

Paul Jablonka, Systems Engineer, proposes an alternative Space Shuttle Design concept as a cornerstone of a new space program.

As early as 1991, Member T. Brian Gray, an electrical and systems engineer, proposed an innovative and practical design for a cheaper, more functional and more practical space station: the Space Work Station. He was one of the first to suggest using shuttle components to build a largely re-usable cargo vehicle to effectively accelerate our establishment into space.

The late Bill Weigle was a founding Director of the original L5 Society. He was also President of our Chapter as well as Chairman of the 19th Annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC 2000) in Tucson. Visit his memorial page.

STS-107 - Space Shuttle Columbia.
A Statement from the Members of the Tucson L5 Space Society.

ISDC2000 logo

Our Chapter organized and hosted the 19th Annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC 2000) in May 2000. A great time was had by all.

If you would like to find out what it was all about, or to reminisce, you can take a look at the Conference website here (opens a new window).

Please note: this is an archival version of the website and external links may no longer work.

As they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a collection of Ben Nault's ISDC2000 photographs. Notice for owners of slow connections: this page is a 675k download.

We are proud to note that our Conference was the first International Space Development Conference to offer online registration.

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The Tucson L5 Space Society is a Chapter of the National Space Society

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