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International Space Development Conference
May 25-29, 2000



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All the Little Extras

Note: The following represents the state of the conference as of March 12, 2000, and is subject to change.

Space Festival 2000
Filk Singing and Concerts
Hospitality Suites
Reception and L5 Retrospective Dinner

As everyone knows, some of the most important benefits of a conference take place outside the lecture hall -- meeting new friends, talking with like-minded people, finding someone who knows exactly the thing you needed to know, and just generally cementing long-term alliances in a haze of good feeling and fun.

"Networking", as they say in the business world. "Building a movement", to those in a campaigning frame of mind. "Party! Party!" if you just want to relax and enjoy. We've provided plenty of opportunity for all of these.

Mostly outside of session times, mind you. We've arranged excellent speakers with important things to say, and want you to leave with their words ringing in your ears.

Space Festival 2000

Indoor/outdoor hands-on space fair. Space shuttle landing simulator, shuttle robot arm simulator, TIG welding booth, hold the 5 pound meteorite, rocket engine elements, and much more. Southwestern food buffet.


Sunday, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm:   NSS Awards Banquet. MC Dan Brandenstein.

  • Heinlein and Pioneer Awards presented by Hugh Downs.
  • Chapter awards presented by Greg Allison.

Filk Singing and Concerts

Music, music, music!

  • Saturday 9:00 pm:   Filk singing. Leading off with a concert by Leslie Fish and continuing with informal sessions into the night.
  • Sunday 6:00 - 7:00 pm:   Reception and performance by ZIA, electronic pro-space pop music band


Experience working in space with simulators used to train shuttle astronauts! Provided by Silicon Graphics. Introduced Friday evening at Space Fair 2000 (see above); available to conferees all weekend.

More exhibitors to be announced soon.

Hospitality Suites

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10:00 pm -   :   Hospitality in 12th floor Presidential Suites


Some subject we overlooked? Conferees can use the bulletin board to organize mini-sessions of their own, covering topics in which they share a special interest.

Reception and L5 Retrospective Dinner

Guests Keith Henson, Mark Hopkins, Bill Weigle, and more. Reliving the days when space colonization was just around the corner and "L5 in '95" was the rallying cry. What went right, and what went wrong, and personal remembrances of a time that still shapes the space movement.

Note: The preceeding represents the state of the conference as of March 12, 2000, and is subject to change.


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